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Other Projects

Clomel sewerage scheme

This contract consisted of 150 metres of 2.0m diameter tunnel constructed in smooth bore segments by drill and blast method under existing road and railway facilities, all to a ppv of 13mm tolerance.
We also completed 400 metres of 2.5m diameter pipeline in open trench by drill and blast methods up to 5.5m deep.

Client Clomel County Council Co Tipperary Ireland

Woodlands road sewerage

We constructed 1500 metres of 2.0m diameter pipeline by pipe-jack in varying ground conditions for the Singapore sewerage system. This also included replacing old and damaged existing mains.

Client Singapore Drainage Service

Tsy island slope drainage

This contract comprised of seventy tunnels of various lengths and diameters constructed by a combination of timber headings, pipe-jacking and micro-tunnelling.
The sloping ground varied from sand, clay and rock in full and half-face conditions in a "fault" zone.

Client Hong Kong Government

Fan ling Gas main

This was a pipe-jacking contract for 600 metres of 0.6m diameter steel sleeve pipe under a number of roads to form advance ducting for the main gas line between Hong Kong and China.

Client Hong Kong Gas company

Sprayed Concrete Works

We have sprayed over 200,000 cubic metres of concrete in our tunnelling operations in Hong Kong, covering all manner of tunnels up to 30m in diameter.

Client Various


We have been commissioned by a number of Engineers and Contractors over the years to provide practical advice upon appropriate construction methodology and upon the optimum commercial viability of tunnelling techniques.
These include tendering advice on programming, operational methods and equipment procurement on the Dubai Metro and other MTR projects in Hong Kong.
Recently we were advising I.M.B. in Israel on their Contract to construct 23km of double track tunnel with ten underground stations in Tel Aviv.

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