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We at Kane Tunnelling Ltd know how, and what is needed to build a "successful tunnel". One which incorporates new technological advances with old tried and tested systems. Combining our directors 40 years experience with our operatives expertise, believe us when we say......WE KNOW TUNNELS.

We are well placed to offer sound advice on all tunnelling methodologies including temporary works designs and permanent solutions in all ground conditions.

This would ideally be at the design stage when our experience in every aspect of tunneling can be engaged to ensure the most efficient and economic methods for a particular project are being adopted. Our involvement and advice upon both the technical and commercial aspects of construction is especially offered to contractors and client during tendering periods. This places particular emphasis on establishing the most competitive price and ultimately profitable outcome within the programmed time.

'Here at Kane Tunnelling Ltd we consider the service we offer is unique to the tunnelling industry. We have not only lived through the changes, but embraced them as well, which we consider puts us in position to provide a high level of advice and assistance no matter what the problem.

In essence what makes us unique is that we are not talking about something which someone has else done, or repeating what someone else has spoken, we have actively completed the work ourselves......successfully. We know the difference a little foresight and planning can bring. In a climate of financial uncertainty, can you afford too miss out on our expertise.........
That is why our services are important.....We can advise on what can work or will not work.

"Our rates are negotiable either on a lump-sum or time related basis taking due account of the prospect of our involvement on the contract through to completion."

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